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Panchakarma, the five processes, is an elegant body detoxifying process that releases the stored toxins and restores the body innate healing ability. It is an ultimate healing experience that benefits both the healthy and unhealthy. It is considered as an effective therapy for body and mind, for preventing and curing the disease and promoting owns health.

Panchakarma plays a vital role in preventive, promotive and curative aspect of the disease.

Panchakarma presents a unique approach of Ayurveda to therapy with specially designed five procedures of internal purification of the body including the gross channels (GI tract, Respiratory tract etc) up to the sublest levels (like cells, molecules, cell membranes etc).

Panchakarma is a process used to clean the body of toxic materials left by disease and poor nutrition. Ayurveda says that imbalanced doshas create waste matter. This waste matter is called Ama in Ayurveda. Panchakarma eliminates these toxins from the body, allowing healing and restoration of the tissues, channels, digestion and mental functions.

This detoxifying package includes the subtle cleansing of your body tissues with different Panchakarma techniques along with the basic knowledge about Ayurveda and its the life style regimens. These techniques are

Purva Karma (Pre-procedures):
Snehana (oleation)
Svedana (sudation)

Pradhana Karma (Main procedures):
Vamana (emesis)
Virechana (purgation)
AsthapanaBasti (cleansing colon irrigation)
AnuvasanaBasti (nutritive colon irrigation)
Nasya (errhine)

Samsarjana-Karma (Post Procedure):

-    To impart natural healing for various ailments
-    To enhance the immunity of the body
-    To increase the acceptability to various therapeutic regimens
-    To maintain the equilibrium of doshas
-    To impart radical elimination of disease causing factors
-    To permit the biological system to return to normalcy and to rejuvenate spontaneously and also facilitate the desired pharmacokinetic effect to curative remedies administered thereafter.
-    To eliminate toxins and stagnated Malas and metabolites from the body, cleanse the micro and macro channels, maximize the absorption and metabolism of nutrients and drug

Sodhana Panchakarma we offer :

We also offer personalised panchakarma treatment as per your health status and available days. Program will be designed after consultation with our doctor.