Classical Panchakarma Center of Nepal
   Service time: 7AM to 8 PM Everyday

Guest House

With the aim of offering you maximum benefit of our effective treatments, we offer single and double bed rooms with attached bathroom for staying during Panchakarma and Personalized treatments. “What we are is what we eat” and food is a basic source of energy. At the same time you can get the benefits of enjoying nutritious vegetarian Ayurveda meals. Your meals are prepared in hygienic setup as prescribed and monitored by our doctor considering your health status and Doshas.

Our green garden will offer you more space to enrich your pranic energy while doing Yoga & Pranayama.

Besides the treatments, you can enjoy surfing into and learning about the unprecedented ancient and culturally rich Patan City. Visiting the world heritage sites and ancient temples, sightseeing and trekking into the nature, talking to and sharing with culturally diversified people will make your stay meaningful and unique.

Our Services

Classical Panchakarma

Panchakarma, the five processes, is an elegant body detoxifying process that releases the stored toxins and restores the body innate healing ability. It is an ultimate healing experience that benefits both the healthy and unhealthy.. View More