It was a beautiful massage.
Thank you so much. I feel relaxed and peaceful.
It was wonderful!

With Love,

  Nina, Australia, 16 March, 2016


"Excellent service and a fabulous massage. Thank you Sabina.
Great work Padma & Sanjay.
Best Regards,

  Shankari Sheshadrinath, Australia, 16 March, 2016


I received a wonderful massage. I felt like i'm levitated with ease. The touch was perfect for my body & soul and expert touch to relieve tension from travelling & walking.


  Sezzajai, United Kingdom, 16 March, 2016


Great massage and very comfortable rooms. The most relaxing massage ever i received.
Best wishes to the Moksha Team

  Geoff, Geoff, 16 March, 2016


" Wow! What a great way to relax after a tiring trek. Very talented staff"
Thank you,


  Jon, Australia, 16 March, 2016

Rose Goodwin

Amazing Massage. Very cleansing and thorough. I came with lots of tiredness & sore throat and left without one. Very strong massage.

Thank you!

  Rose Goodwin, USA, 17.04.2016

Cynthia Tan

I love my oil foot massage. Your Therapist has excellent techniques. She helped relieve my headache due to dehydration. I would definitely come back & get more massages. I felt asleep at the end, mind you I am a light sleeper. So I would definitely recommend foot massage to my friends & others.

  Cynthia Tan, USA, 17.04.2016

Dr. Jan Henderson

An idyllic, peaceful oasis in the midst of a busy city...the staff were very attentive and knowledgeable ...they recommended the appropriate types of massage to address our individual needs. The service was excellent, the massages were heavenly...we went three times during our two week stay. Thank you so much Moksha team...sweet blessings to all of you

  Dr. Jan Henderson, USA, 06 June 2016

Ultimate Bliss!

The Moksha Ayurveda Center is one of the best kept secrets in Kathmandu. Tucked away off the main streets, the ambiance encourages both peace and well being, with very attentive and welcoming staff. We had multiple massages and other services at the Center, including a most amazing "Singing Bowl Chakra therapy" which was the capstone to our stay in Kathmandu. Can't recommend this lovely place and the delightful (and knowledgeable) staff enough - will definitely return!

  Kathy Colverson , USA, 02 June 2016

Healing Power

the treatment, healing massages and introduction to yoga at Moksha Ayurveda and Panchakarma Center healed my shoulder. after years of pain and not being able to move my arm and shoulder the way I wanted, it's almost like having a new shoulder. the friendliness of the team and the atmosphere truly provided for a blissful experience. looking forward to be back

  Theo Ebbers, Germany, 10 July 2016

Best massage

This is a lovely, secret place in Kathmandu, definitely the must go place if you are up for a massage.

i simply cannot reccommend this place enough. It is clean, the massages are fantastic, and the staff is sweet and extremely welcoming. I go here regularaly, because the massage i get here are the best i have ever experienced. It is the perfect place to visit after returning from trekking, or when you just want a quiet and divine massage.

  Kristine Gjoesaeter, Norway, 15 July 2016

Juliana Lauhea

The best massage I've ever had. Thanks to the therapists for the pure healing pleasure. We will be talking about it and come back very soon.
A very good massage center. I would recommend and a perfect welcome.
Thanks a lot

  Juliana Lauhea, France, 17.09.2016

Sandra Aeschlimann

Although taking regularly massages, this was one of the best one i've ever had. Thank you so much for the perfect work.

  Sandra Aeschlimann, Switzerland, 18.09.2016

Linda Malcolm

Such a peaceful, relaxing, calm setting. Thank you for your healing assistance.

  Linda Malcolm, Canada, 25.11.2016

Nina Sabrina Nousiainen

After 10 days Panchakarma Program, I feel light and peace. Thank you Moksha team for helping me to find love. You are in my heart, Nepal Family.
We will see again!
With Love, Nina

  Nina Sabrina Nousiainen, Findland, 24.12.2016

Highly professional and great value ayurveda

Premises are set back from a quiet road, clean and beautiful. Treatments fantastic. I have had lots of massages, including ayurvedic. I even trained and worked as a masseur in my youth. Without a doubt, Ram delivers the best massage I have ever had..I had 5 in one week, they were so good! and hope to have more. I also had a couple of sessions with the Singing Bowls. Frankly I was a bit sceptical at first, but was amazed with how profound and transforming the experience is; also will have more next trip. Sanjay and Dr Padma are charming and genuinely caring and make you feel very welcome. I have been sticking to the ayurvedic prescription that Dr Padma gave me and notice positive changes in my condition.

  Ian Nueberg, Australia, 29.11.2016

Highly Recommended

I just completed a 4 day massage program and can highly recommend a skilled and professional team. My therapist proved relaxing and targeted treatment to my shoulder injury and I know that my recovery has been enhanced by the care provided.
The centre is a quiet and peaceful retreat from the stress of the city and the staff are friendly and welcomed me when I did not know what to expect or indeed what type of therapy I required.
I would definitely return if staying in Lalitpur in the future.

  Wendy Anne Ross, Australia, November 2016

A gift for yourself

Our eleventh time we visit Nepal, and thank God this staf started their own Ayurveda Center. Ram is the best masseur I ever had. The staff was so welcoming and made you feel really at ease. They are compassionate and take very good care of you.The doctor checked my wife after falling down by hiking. My wife had a treatment for 3 days, her backpain was over and she was totally relaxed. She loved the bodymassage and specialy the Shirodhara. We absolutely visit them again. At last: Give yourself a gift and visit them and enjoy the massage you chose!
Warm regards Marie-José and Jan from Netherland.

  Marie-Jose and Jan Chappin, The Netherlands, October 2016

1 Week of Bliss

I was booked into Moksha Ayurveda and Panchakarma Center for a week through my work and had no idea what to expect. Having zero experience of Ayurveda, meditation techniques or yoga I was a little apprehensive as to whether it would be a beneficial experience for me. After one week I'm very happy to say that my anxiety was completely misplaced. I did the full spectrum treatment, detoxification diet, daily yoga and meditation, massages and healing therapies. For someone who was initially sceptical about the benefits of Ayurveda I am now fully converted!!! The simple techniques I learnt during my week will bring huge benefits to my life in terms of managing my stress and bringing overall balance to my daily routine. The accommodation was very comfortable, providing a quiet stress free environment in which I could focus on some quality 'me time'. I would definitely recommend this to my friends and I will be returning within the year. Great works guys! Keep it up!!

  Murray Kerr, United Kingdom, August 2016

Ayurveda vom Feinsten

The four-week Panchakarma in Moksha Ayurveda Center was an unforgettable experience. The doctor is very knowledgeable and has put together exactly the right treatments for me. My knee and back pains belong to the past, the highly professional execution of massages to none. I felt very comfortable there myself, the therapists are friendly and welcoming and touched my heart with their loving nature. The house is quiet and very clean. If you want to make an authentic Panchakarma, is repealed here is very best.

  Birgit Schreiber, Germany, January 2017

Denitsa Gancheva

My partner and I attended a week-long panchakarma at Moksha in March and what we received was way beyond any of our expectations. The team is competent, friendly and genuinely caring. The therapies and food are pure healing for the spirit, body and mind with very strong positive effects. The place itself is a small island of peace, perfect for contemplation and relaxation. We enjoyed absolutely everything and would love to go back there as soon as possible. Thank you, Moksha team, you are all very special people running a very special place :) Big hugs, Denitsa and Denis

  Denitsa Gancheva, Bulgaria, 03 March 2017

Insight for inner peace

The 10 days panchakarma programme still resonate with me now. The healing energy from this Center was gone far than I expected. I had quitted smoking and becoming a vegetarian now. Thank you for my Ayurveda doctor, my yoga teacher, my massage therapist and my vegan meal chef. I felt love from everyone of you. And most remarkable I had learned from all of you, is about the respect of life, the nature and the mystery of the universe. Love and light! Metta

  KellyTang, Thailand, Aug 2018

First Class Ayurvedic Massages

First Class Ayurvedic Massages - I hardly ever had a massage of such quality and impact. Felt like new-born. Highly recommended! Prices are moderate for what you get.

  Christina, Germany, february 2020