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Monsoon Rasayana Program

The 5000 years old system of Ayurveda describes mid-June to mid-August as Barsha Ritu (Monsoon Season). It describes aggravation of Vata and accumulation of Pitta in Monsoon season. The bodily toxins get accumulated in this period which is the cause for many illnesses. The poor strength of digestive activity in this season makes further debilitation of the body. So, more care and attention should be given to maintain the health.

The signs of a vata imbalance are problems in our colon including the symptoms related to neuro muscular and skeletal system. The vitiation of vata dosha in Monsoon season could lead to weakness, muscle fatigue, joint stiffness, and muscle aches, cracking or pain in the bones and joints, nerve pain, a stiff neck, low back pain, or generalized bodyache. The abdominal upset, bloating and constipation are the features related to Vata disorders. If these issues continue for long time they can lead to further complications.

2 weeks Monsoon Rasayana Program is especially designed to address the ailments prone in this season. This is a unique opportunity to cleanse and rejuvenate your body and bring balance into your body, mind and consciousness that is essential for good health. Monsoon season, the Barsha Ritu, is also one of the best seasons for cleansing the body as the atmosphere is cool and free of dust. It is the ideal season for Classical Panchakarma program as it shows maximum benefits of all the Panchakarma treatments.

The food and lifestyle activities helping to balance Vata and Pitta along with the Classical Panchakarma program cleanse and bring strength to the body.

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